Beta launch: Dec 2017

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We believe that as you travel, your mind broadens. Your experiences increase, and this can overcome the differences you have with strangers externally.

By connecting better with others, you’re able to be more connected to yourself as well. This allows us to become humble and appreciative of our differences, instead of fearing them.

Wings facilitates these connections.


Wings is a mobile application that let’s you swipe through destinations around world. As you swipe through them, we will match you with people who also share your travel interestes.

This is our Beta version, please bear with us.

Our mission is simple. We want you to spend every minute of your trip on enjoying it with people who are like minded travellers.

How it works


Swipe through destinations. Match with people who share your interests in travel destination. The rest is up to you!

By Nick Waln and Stephen Yuan

Flying East is a podcast that follows one startup from day 1, Wings. With guest spots from Founders and Experts, the podcast focuses on the entrepreneurial growth, culture, and network of those who have navigated China. Our hope is to give listeners a unique real time glimpse into Stephen’s trials and tribulations of launching a tech startup.

Think of this as an audio documentary of one man’s journey from the East back to the West. Imagine if the year was 1982, and you had a front row seat listening week by week in real time as Steve Jobs was building Apple. Not only that, but you also get to hear from the people around him as they were building the foundation of Silicon Valley.

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We are fundraising!

We’re currently looking to raise a seed round of funding. What we were able to build so far has been with 1 person, 1 intern, and outsourced developers over 2 months for about 5,000 USD. We’re looking for cash injection, network connectors, mentors, and most importantly – insane people who will stand with us for our cause. If you are interested, please reach out and we can send our deck over. This is less than 1% of what we aim to build.